Kacy Johnson Photography

a little bit about me 

I’m Kacy, and I think that all of the things that you feel that you should hide from the world are probably the things that make you the most beautiful. They are probably also the source of your most authentic strength.

Too frequently, I talk to women who are scared to see themselves as they truly are. They've been trained by our society to shift and form themselves into something that they think the outside world is hoping to see in them. 

My mission is always to help women confront those feelings, the see them for what they really are and to find their way to a more loving relationship with their own bodies.

Kacy's portrait sessions cut through all of those external pressures to help you connect to the truth of who you are.

Before we ever pull out a camera, we'll spend some time discussing where you are in your life and how you want to feel. With that, we'll create a completely unique portrait experience just for you.

I would love to meet you and help you to see how beautiful you truly are.

Love and light,



Uncovering True Beauty, One Portrait at a Time

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