Love Notes


The best way to truly understand how special the experience of a portrait session can be is to hear from the women who I've photographed. Here are a few of their thoughts about their sessions, in their own words. 

in their own words


“This whole process has been only positive and supportive and warm, which is exactly what I wanted and I am so grateful to be able to create that with someone who shows up as genuinely and gently as you do.”


“It was unreal to see my portrait! I was able to look upon it, look upon myself without criticism, judgement, or distortion that I often default to. I saw it and thought, that's me, I am beauty. I'm thankful for your friendship, that our paths crossed at the moment they did, like a gift from the universe providing me with the gentle support I need to keep growing on the path of wisdom. That growing into my beauty and my sacred feminine self was already written in the universe and the opportunity to make this portrait with you was a manifestation of that.”


"Your passion for the light and love for it and beauty as well as capturing it is infectious. "


“These are beautiful! Thank you so much for making me feel like such a powerful queen! I needed that reminder.”


“I get goosebumps every time I let myself think about this experience and how you are changing women’s lives.”


“As a child, I was heavily overweight and my family often made jabs at me because of it. It weighed on my spirit heavily. As I've gotten older, it has been hard for me to accept and love the body I was given and the body I build. Making these portraits has been another stepping stone in my journey to self acceptance .Thank you.”