I love photographing all ages. 9 months to 90 years. After seeing so many people and hearing their stories, you start to see the dominant themes that are present for most of us at certain points in our lives.

Women in their 20s are just so lovely to photograph because they are so often aware of how little they know and how wide open their future is. For many, it's the first stage in life when they'll start making real choices about the life they will live. Experiencing a bit of freedom, they begin to have the space to understand what has shaped them up until this point, the good and the bad. 

When I photographed Renata we talked about Hindu goddesses and invocation. Where do you find your worth and meaning in this world? How do you choose your path? So much uncertainty can be difficult to navigate, but so necessary.

I love documenting these moments. These women ultimately move through their uncertainty, moving forward as life demands from us. Later, they look back, and their portraits almost magically transport them back to that moment in time. A haircut resulting from an impulsive decision reminds them of the need they felt to feel in control of their own path. Bare skin is a reminder of the first steps taken in defying expectations and defining their sensuality on their own terms. 

Openness, introspection and vulnerability to be commemorated.

kacy johnson