That I am a women is essential to my work. Women are my material but also my surrogates. My  creations are an invitation to question intention and look beyond the majority of female representations in modern society, to see how women are consumed and the effects of this consumption.


Born in the United States, I explore the realities of women in cultures both similar to and far from my own, creating photos, audio recordings, and mixed media interventions, asking women themselves to become creators of the story that will be told about them. By taking the formulaic representation of women as subject matter while commenting on issues of repression, suppression, depression, aggression in the everyday aesthetic of modern society around the globe, my work disrupts this nonchalant representation, causing reflection not only for the audience, but for the subjects of the photos themselves.

My work seeks to find truths in volume, individualism in the mosaic. I currently live and work in Detroit, Michigan and abroad. 

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